The Friends of the Hammock is a non-profit group created in 1995 to help provide support for educational, beautification, management and charitable programs associated with the Park. Since the Advisory Committee is comprised of 7 members, the FOTH was formed to provide an outlet to the many other people who want to be involved.

We meet concurrently with the Hammock Advisory Committee which was formed in 1964 as a way for citizens to assist in reviewing conditions and in making recommendations to the City Commission.

2018 Friends of the Hammock Directors and Board Members


President: Pam Hillestad
Vice-President: Bob Davison
Treasurer: Pat Jennings
Secretary: Nancy Davison

  Board Members: Bob Davison, Nancy Davison, Steve Fasnacht, Jeff Gow, Hegge Hillestad, Pam Hillstead, Sue Humphreys, Pat Jennings, Pen Jennings, Ray Murtaugh, Kerri O'Brien, James Polgar, Theresa Polgar, Susan Wallace

Current City Commission for the City of Dunedin:

  • Mayor Julie Ward Bujalski Email                                              
  • Vice-Mayor Deborah Kynes Email       
  • Commissioner Maureen “Moe” Freaney Email   
  • Commissioner Heather Gracy Email                     
  • Commissioner John Tornga Email
  • Email the Commission 

For a list of park facilities, please refer to the City's guide here.
More information and history can be found in the Hammock Library.