Meet us in the park on January 14 for the annual Invasive Removal Day.

Please plan to join Friends of the Hammock for Invasive Removal Day on Saturday January 14 from 9 am to noon. We will meet at the main entrance picnic shelters at 9 and you'll be assigned to an area.

Wear appropriate clothing for venturing off the path in Hammock Park. Collection buckets will be provided and we plan to remove invasive Boston ferns and a new crop of air potatoes.

Following the morning's removal session, please join us for hot dogs, chips and drinks. Let's get the season off to a great start. Bring your family, invite your friends, pass it on. 

Air Potatoes (Dioscorea bulbifera) are trying to re-establish themselves — time to help!

Air Potatoes (Dioscorea bulbifera) are trying to re-establish themselves — time to help!

Friends of the Hammock Annual Meeting —
“Keeping Dunedin Green”

Join the Friends of the Hammock at the annual meeting on Monday, January 30th, 7:00 PM, Dunedin Community Center Elliott Room to gain an understanding of the challanges that face the City as they look at acquisitions and costs for parkland. As Dunedin reaches maximum development, the importance of saving as much green space as possible becomes forefront in planning for our future.

Superintendent of Parks Lanie Sheets will present ”Keeping Dunedin Green — Understanding the Past, Present, and Future of the Land Development Ordinance (LDO)” that clarifies the the role of the LDO in this process.

Learn how the ordinance has worked and how it will work in the future to help purchase and protect dwindling green spaces for Dunedin residents. Come see your friends, and enjoy refreshments and a Fifty-Fifty Raffle after the presentation. 

Hammock Park Land Purchase Awarded $250,000 grant from BP Settlement

The 8 (MOL) acres of ecologically sensitive "Scrubby Flatwoods" acquired last year, received an generous $250,000 grant from the Pinellas County Commission at its December 13th meeting. The commission voted unanimously to spend $7.1 million from a settlement of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. (see story below "It's Unanimous" for background.) 


Hammock Bird Banding Project Summary – Fall 2016

By Jim McGinity, Master Bander

Tennessee Warbler identification confirmation.    

Tennessee Warbler identification confirmation.    

Visitors releasing a bird after banding.

Visitors releasing a bird after banding.

This fall season was fairly calm with good weather, but yielded a few surprises. We caught a total of 89 birds of 24 different species including 12 recaptures. The big “winner” of the season was the Gray Catbird (28 birds caught) with the Northern Cardinal in second place (15 birds caught). 

The surprises included 2 new species to the station. These were a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher and an Orange-crowned Warbler. The warbler was the last bird caught while we were closing up the nets on the last day! We enjoyed having a steady stream of visitors including a field trip group from the Florida Birding & Nature Festival (a total of 87). We are looking forward to a productive and busy Spring 2017 season. If you would like more detailed information about the fall 2016 banding season (with more photos), you can visit the project blog:

I want to thank all my dedicated volunteers! I couldn't do this project without them. Also, thank you to the support of Clearwater Audubon Society for all their support.

It's Unanimous!

Dunedin Votes Unanimously to Annex and Preserve Environmentally Sensitive Land. As a Result, Hammock Park Grows to Nearly 100-Acres. 

The 8 (MOL) acres of land is an an ecological area designated as "Scrubby Flatwoods". The key characteristics are the presence of an open canopy of slash and sand pine, with a saw palmetto understory containing intermittent patches of bare, white sands. Small areas of blueberry (Vaccinium myrsinites), goldenrod (Solidago sempervirens) as well as narrowleaf silk grass also persist in small openings. This community occurs on gentle sloping terrain supporting moderately drained soils. Though this habitat is relatively small in size, it represents a unique habitat relative to the predominance of other mesic/hydric habitats found in the park and provides the only suitable habitat for a small population of the State listed threatened gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus), requiring proper management. 

We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to our city commission — Mayor Bujalski, Vice-Mayor Livingston, Commissioner Kynes, Commissioner Gracy, Commissioner Tornga, and Mr. Hutchens, as well as the city staff. The hard work they put in has been inspiring. They listened to the citizens, asked questions, and acted with speed and purpose to find a solution throughout a delicate situation. For that — we thank you.

We also thank every Dunedin citizen and Hammock Park user throughout the county for the time and energy put forward in making this city aware that buying and preserving the wooded acreage adjacent to the gopher tortoise colony of Hammock Park is a top priority among us. High-density townhomes are welcome elsewhere.

Our group’s commitment must not stop! We’ll continue to advocate to secure funding such as Pinellas County BP money, grants, the Florida Communities Trust, or private sources to lessen the burden on Dunedin's LDO. And we will continue our own fundraising program — underway since last month.

We want to thank the Seller, Our Lady of Lourdes, for stepping back from a development contract that would have destroyed the habitat treasured by our citizens.

And we want to thank the developer holding that contract, Taylor Morrison, for also stepping back and allowing for renegotiations between the City and the Seller.


They did their part, now we must do ours. Help fund this amazing addition to an amazing park!!

BP Economic Settlement Funds Survey »

Let Commissioner Eggers (District 4) know he has YOUR support to choose the OLL property purchase as a worthwhile ecological greenspace cause for BP Economic Settlement funding. The Board of County Commissioner's Work Session for this issue was July 12. More Info »

Other Sources of Funding

Application ends August 30! More info »

Current City Commission for the City of Dunedin:

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  • Vice-Mayor Deborah Kynes Email       
  • ommissioner Maureen “Moe” Freaney Email   
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  • Email the Commission      

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The Friends of the Hammock is a non-profit group created in 1995 to help provide support for educational, beautification, management and charitable programs associated with the Park. We meet concurrently with the Hammock Advisory Committee which was formed in 1964 as a way for citizens to assist in reviewing conditions and in making recommendations to the City Commission. Since the Advisory Committee is comprised of 7 members, the FOTH was formed to provide an outlet to the many other people who want to be involved.

For a list of park facilities, please refer to the City's guide here. More information and history can be found in the Hammock Library.

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